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Thinking About Buying A Mattress In A Box? Read This.

 **Disclosure. While this blog was written in paid partnership with Endy, all statements above are true, tested opinions of my own. **Disclosure. While this blog was written in paid partnership with Endy, all statements above are true, tested opinions of my own.

I’ve travelled to 36 countries, but if you were to ask me where one of my favourite places in the world is, I would tell you that my bed is quite a strong contender. And as someone with a chronic back injury, I’m fussy when It comes to my mattress.

The world of socially trendy “comes in a box” mattresses emerged a few years ago. And for someone who would consider herself a marketer’s dream, I was quite intrigued by the whole thing.

…and then I got a Casper.

The box showed up at my door and I thought it had answered all of my Instagram unboxing dreams. Truth be told, I really did enjoy my Casper. So when Endy reached out to me to test out the 100 Night Trial, I was a bit hesitant.

What if I hated the new mattress? What if it was too soft? What if it caused me back pain? I took some time to read into reviews, and after much consideration decided to take the plunge, donate my Casper, and give this Canadian mattress company a try.

The Endy mattress was waiting outside my apartment a week later accompanied by 4 highly-raved-about, customizable Endy pillows. And there I was, in my new apartment, having a second shot at my Instagram unboxing goals.

I placed (more like attempted to launch, because let’s be real the thing is heavy and I was doing this solo) the mattress on my bed, slid my scissors through the plastic and let the magic happen.

There she was in all of her glory: my new best friend.

100 nights have come and gone, and my Endy is here to stay. I’ve received a lot of questions about comparing the two mattresses – and while I actually really enjoyed both, there are a few things to note!

That Soft, Sweet Touch.

I had read a lot about Endy coming in a lot softer than the Casper mattress. I’m a stomach sleeper (I know, don’t yell at me). So being one of those people, in combination with my back injury,  I had concerns about switching over to what I believed was a softer mattress.

Overall, I had no complaints – I didn’t wake up sore and I slept through the night. I found the softness of the memory foam to be a subtle sink that was very comforting that provided a lot of pressure relief to my back.

Another plus? Endy maintains a consistent feel through every season, no matter the temperature. Plus, their Endy foam has an open air cell technology which enhances breathability and cooling throughout the night. I love that feature because I tend to run hot when I sleep.

It’s Canadian, Eh!

I try and support Canadian brands at every chance I get and I loved that Endy is based out of my hometown, Toronto. Their mattresses are designed, manufactured and packaged right in Canada. What I also love is that if your Endy doesn’t make it past the 100 night trial period, it will be picked up and donated to a local charity partner of theirs and off to a family in need of a better night’s sleep. So far, they have donated over 4,000 mattress to families across Canada.

The con? My US friends aren’t able to have an Endy shipped over to their house just yet.

The Verdict.

Not breaking up with Endy any time soon.

Go Ahead, Try It For Yourself.

Get $50 OFF your mattress and 100-Night-Trial when you use the code ALLY50 at checkout.

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