I am more than my numbers. I'm a firm believer in only working on projects that authentically align with my lifestyle. I won't do blatant product placements or promo codes when my audience flat out knows that I don't use them, and my feed isn't a constant scroll of #ads. I always look forward to working with brands that are a part of my lifestyle, fun to work with and ones that I firmly stand behind.

Collabs aren't just a paying Instagram post, they're the beginning of new relationships. It's time for you to authentically engage with your audience.

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Influence, relevance, and exceptional content is not solely measured by the number of visitors to a page each month.

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As a social media manager myself, I know that quality user generated content is hard to come by. Let’s create a shot list together and get going!

This can be a stand alone service or added in addition to any campaign.

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Photography +

Need to showcase a well curated experience in a picture perfect destination? Let’s talk!

On top of featuring travel experiences, I offer have 3 travel series that we can work together on.



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The perfect way to support your content calendar, launches, big events and/or increase brand awareness.

This service offers brand exclusivity and a mix of sponsored instagram photo and video posts along with supporting stories.

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Please fill out the contact form to request my mailing address for your monthly PR mailers!

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Attending brand events, afterparties and media launches. I love to cover PR events on my IG stories. 

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Podcasts, workshops, TV, radio and live events.

I'd love to chat with you about speaking at your next event!

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I work with brands in the lifestyle, travel and beauty space to create exciting ways to tell engaging stories. Through sharing impactful content consistently, I’ve built trusting relationships and an engaging following that emotionally connects with what I do.

We all know that social media has become a platform for selling. Instead of throwing up an #ad for every post, I only work with brands that authentically align with my lifestyle, and I've just curated my content to have people say:

"Ok I need to go here!”
"Can you share your routine/product info?"
"Where did you get that ____ from?"

In turn, that creates awareness. It creates the spark.

 So are you ready? Let’s create some magic, together.

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canada - 26%
united states - 23%
united kingdom - 5%
Phillipines - 3 %
Australia - 2%

women - 63%
men - 37%

13-17 / 2%
18-24 / 22 %
25-34 / 48%
35-44 / 18%
45-54 / 6
55+ / 4%

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