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I always hated hearing the saying "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life".  I was someone who often was called to sparks and curiosities - frequently leaving me feeling like I was spinning my tires because I couldn't make a move on figuring out what I actually wanted to do.

My first "passion" was discovered by mistake and landed me my first 8 years of my career: sales and operations in the travel industry. To be clear - my passion wasn't sales. I was good at it and was chasing the money when I was young. This job taught me to hustle, interact and relate with people in a fast-paced environment and be a quick-thinking problem solver. More importantly, this job opened my eyes and really allowed me to fall in love with the world. My passion was to move.

I had lived in, worked in, and explored 36 countries before I turned 30. While I had developed amazing skills, I learned something important about myself:

lucky for me, my personal story turned into my business story sending me on the pursuit of my happily ever after.

 I'm a passion-fueled adventure seeker whose goal is to creatively tell stories about what motivates me to continue to seek a full, adventurous life.

I explore because there is no better way to exist. The traditional norm of a simple life in one place doesn't cut it; I crave the challenges of new locations and experiences. My life is a combination of curiosity, destinations, adventures, interaction, human connection, spontaneity, opportunities and reality.


Sales was something I felt stuck in forever. Even though I was amazing at it, I was always the person begging to get moved over to the marketing departments and would often just volunteer my time to creative projects. And then one day, I connected with what would one day become the love of my life: a camera.

The camera was pre-instagram times and was really my best friend throughout all thirty-something countries I travelled through. It really allowed me to visually tell stories and capture people's attention. To be clear, I really sucked when i first picked it up - but I captured for me and nothing else.

Fast forward 3 jobs in the industry later and a move across the country to the West Coast of Canada, I had grown full of resentment towards myself and my job. I knew my emotional expiration date with sales was well gone but I was too afraid to leave. I was director of sales and operations for a travel company by the age of 23 and completely miserable. I was in a role that did not tolerate mediocrity and I ended up getting fired. Panicked at the time, I had no idea that this would be the first launch and turning point of my career.

2015. Hello Instagram.

It's funny to think back to times when social media wasn't an integral part of marketing. I started sharing stories and photos on the platform before influencer marketing was a thing. My account started to grow and I quickly realized that I had an upper hand in the industry and could lend my knowledge to become a key player for brands. I finally found my home: visual storytelling,  community and brand-building.

With IG taking off, a ton of work on taking it upon myself to educate myself in different aspects or marketing and a strong sales background I landed a community role at an athletic apparel company. From there, I ended up taking over their social media, doing photography and working on their brand team all while continuing to freelance on the side.

After a few years there, I entered the agency world. And well - I hated it. So I started my own business which is a modern day take on an old-school agency: meet @agency.ish.

while my full-time goes toward creating for clients around the world, I actively take part in my personal brand on social media through Influencer marketing and a podcast.

Whether it's for an influencer campaign, speaking engagement, photoshoot, consultation, social media design, branding (or whatever it is that you need) - I seriously can't wait to work with you.

- Ally Pintucci


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