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Thinking About Dermal Fillers? Read This.

 Photo via Pinecrest Plastic Surgery Centre. Photo via Pinecrest Plastic Surgery Centre.

It’s no secret anymore that the new “f” word is “fillers”. Over the last couple of years, these services have become quite mainstream and are being offered at clinics in cities across the world. If you don’t have any fillers yourself, there’s a good chance someone in your friend group has gotten a service or had it cross their mind.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin without going through a surgical procedure, a dermal filler may be your best option. The services have become increasingly popular because they’re safer and less expensive than surgery, and the effects last for quite a few months.

WTFRIG IS A dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are an aesthetic treatment. The injectable solutions fill soft tissue under your skin. Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which naturally exists in your body and are placed to improve the appearance of aging while having the ability to contour your face, fill lines and plump the cheeks, lips and dark circles under your eyes.

Like any procedure, these services come with a risk – but if you do your research and make a visit to someone reputable, you significantly lower your risk of adverse events. Thinking about these for yourself? Here’s what you should know!

1. A Good Filler Is Not Noticeable.

Duck lips, eyebrows halfway up your forehead and a frozen face isn’t cute. In fact, they make you look older. The best fillers are the ones that are so subtle, nobody would notice. I get it, everyone has their personal opinion and look that they’re going for – but when done right fillers should enhance your natural look.

2. Filler Is Not Botox.

Botox is designed to freeze your muscles to get rid of wrinkles. Fillers are designed to smooth out skin by filling wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid. This is the stuff you’ll see in a lot of facial creams, it’s also naturally produced in the body. Fillers are made from this stuff – and by injecting it into the body, it actually replenishes your body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, making the skin look softer and younger.

3. Results Last APPROX 3 – 12 Months.

Yes, it’s a loose timeline. But your lasting results depend on the injection site and amount injected. Your doctor will be able to discuss your expected results with you in detail during your consultation.

4. For The Love Of God, Don’t Groupon.

Safety first. And second of all: this is your face we’re talking about people, so please don’t be looking for a 93% off deal on Groupon. You should expect a baby service to start around $350. Your doctor will be able to go through full prices depending on your injection site and desired results.

5. Speaking Of Doctors…

Who you visit seriously matters. If you’re in Vancouver, I recommend a consultation with Dr. Jalali at The Vanity Lab. If you’re located in another city – dig into some research, make some visits to clinics and ask to see portfolios.  I also recommend asking around in your group of friends to see if they have had a service done and can speak from personal experience.

This blog was written in partnership with The Vanity Lab and Dr. Jalali

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