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How good are you at keeping the integrity of your hair? Each and every day, we give our hair a serious beating. We cover it in product, we colour/bleach it, tie it up too tight, use heating tools and walk around in city pollution. The kicker? When our hair becomes damaged, we jump to adding more bandaid products that end up causing more damage. Instead of trying anything and everything under the sun – I got my hairdresser to set up with a few products that were guaranteed to work.

I’m always on the hunt for new products to test out – but more importantly, I’m more interested in what products are worth keeping around.

Here is my current round-up of full-face favourites.


– A

It’s about damn time that I got around to writing this blog for you. Mainly because I’m sick of answering mascara questions after every dang Instagram story I post…jkjk.

So heres the thing, I’ve wanted dermal fillers for years – but the negative stigma around speaking about them openly made me a bit..ok, a lot…hesitant. I’ve never wanted to alter how I looked, I just wanted to look a lot less tired and little more fresh. I sat down with Dr. Jalali to discuss my concerns and worked with him to come up with both a game plan and a list of things to expect.

It’s no secret anymore that the new “f” word is “fillers”. Over the last couple of years, these services have become quite mainstream offered in clinics all over cities across the world.