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My Experience With Dermal Fillers.

A few months back I teamed up with The Vanity Lab to get all of the info I needed to know about dermal fillers. It turned out that a lot of you had questions about them as well, so I sat down with Dr. J to get all of them answered. You can get caught up with that here.

So heres the thing: I’ve wanted dermal fillers for years – but the negative stigma around speaking about them openly made me a bit..ok, very…hesitant. I’ve never wanted to alter how I looked -I just wanted to look a lot less tired and little more fresh. I made an appointment with Dr. Jalali to discuss my concerns and worked with him to come up with both a game plan of what fillers would be best for me and go over a list of things to expect.


First things first: I hated the bags under my eyes. No concealer was working hide these bad boys and I knew that I was a good candidate for tear trough fillers – but the thought of sticking a needle under my eye made my palms instantly sweat. Safe to say I was nervous as heck sitting in that chair.

Before we got started, we spoke about how the procedure was going to happen and what to expect. It turned out that Dr. J uses a canulla for the tear trough making it painless – it also caused me to have zero down time. Aside from my sweaty palms, the procedure was quick + painless and my results were almost instant. I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled with the results (which I can expect to last over a year, yay!)


One of the things I learned from Dr. J is that as we age, we slowly lose the volume in our face causing it to slowly sag. We talked about restoring some of that lost volume by adding filler into my cheeks. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t slightly terrified of this. The last thing I wanted was to leave that room looking like a whole new chipmunk-resembling human that would cause people to wonder what the heck I did to my face.

But again, Dr. J assured me that the results would be subtle and that these were to restore volume vs actually altering my appearance. I can’t stress the importance of working with something that you really trust. My results were also instant for this procedure. I experienced a tiny bit of swelling (which I weirdly enjoyed the look of) and a tiny bit of bruising that I was easily able to cover with makeup.

This photo shows immediate results that I was (again) totally thrilled about. As you can see, the results are slight but came with a huge lift and a fresh look. I can expect these fillers to last up to two years.

 Image showing immediate before and after results for tear trough fillers. My eyebrows were microbladed earlier that day. Please ignore LOL. Image showing immediate before and after results for tear trough fillers. My eyebrows were microbladed earlier that day. Please ignore LOL.

 Image showing next day results for cheek fillers. Image showing next day results for cheek fillers.

I know that dermal fillers can be a very controversial topic, making this a very vulnerable post for me to share. I’ve sat on this blog for months, worried to write about my experience because of the judgement I might receive. However, I also believe in being transparent on social media. The last few months have been filled with questions about why my skin looks fresh and how my make-up routine helps with this. The honest answer is that fillers have played a huge part in this and it was something that I wanted to up honest and open about.

I am in no way shape or form ever encouraging anyone to change their appearance. This was a personal choice that I wanted to do for myself. Having said that, If you are currently considering dermal fillers for yourself, please do research for who you visit. It should never be about how fast you can get in and who has the cheapest price. It should always be with someone reputable, talented and who has proven experience. If you live in Vancouver, I highly recommend contacting The Vanity Lab and getting yourself on that waitlist to see Dr. J.

– Ally

  1. Meso Pro says:

    Quality post. Thumbs Up!.Meso Pro

  2. T says:

    Hi just curious how much filler you got in each area?

  3. Youwish Youcould says:

    The top after photo is the EXACT same photo. It’s obviously had some photoshop or some other altering done. It’s NOT an after photo. At least the second after photo is a different photo but the outcome is really hard to tell. Totally not impressed by this article. You must think people are really stupid.

    • Ally Pintucci says:

      First of all, I posted the photos that were given to me. If you have questions about results, I encourage you to take it up with the doctor But if you take a few minutes to study minor details in the hair and skin and a few other spots you’ll see they’re not the “EXACT SAME PHOTO”. Do you know how a placeholder and tripod works to get clients to stay in the same spot to help with photos?

      Sorry the results aren’t drastic enough for you? Going for natural results and not a whole facelift.

      Totally unimpressed by ignorant comments left by keyboard warriors like you who love to leave harsh anonymous words behind fake usernames. The only thing I think that’s really stupid here is this comment. Get a life 😂

  4. Jade owe says:

    Hi, do you still have cheek fillers now? I see this was posted in 2019 and it’s now 2022. I love the before and after photo!

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