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My Must-Use Products For Healthy Hair

How good are you at keeping the integrity of your hair? Each and every day, we give our hair a serious beating. We cover it in product, we colour/bleach it, tie it up too tight, use heating tools and walk around in city pollution. The kicker? When our hair becomes damaged, we jump to adding more bandaid products that end up causing more damage. Instead of trying anything and everything under the sun – I got my hairdresser to set me up with a few products that were guaranteed to work.

The Deal.

I first started seeing my hairdresser two years ago. Until Kara, I would hop around from salon to salon finding whoever would take me last minute. With LONG hair, I’d consistently be spending hundreds of dollars and I’d always leave the salon somewhat disappointed, finishing my visit with mediocre coloured hair. The last appointment before my permanent hairdresser consisted of a chemical haircut that forced me to cut my long hair since the majority of it had been burned off by bleach.

Burn. Literally.

When I first sat down with Kara she asked me to make a deal with her: she would take me on as a client under the condition that I would work with her on the long term to get my hair back to health AND only use the products she gave me. This meant no more trips to the drug store for $3 shampoo or using anything from Sephora.

Two years later – I wouldn’t change a thing. My hair has gone through a RIDE these past few years. It’s been ombre, pink, blue and finally the icy blonde of my dreams. And in doing this, Kara has always set me up with products that my hair has absolutely LOVED that kept the integrity of my hair in tact. So here you have it – a breakdown of my favourite hair products. If you’re local to Vancouver, you can purchase them at The Attic Hair Studio. Online, you can shop them on my amazon storefront.


Goldwell Just Smooth Shampoo

Professional solutions for instantly beautiful hair with built-in colour protection. This shampoo tames your hair giving it instant manageability and is great if you’re worried about a bit of frizz.

$43 CAD – Shop On Amazon

Goldwell Just Smooth Conditioner

Paired best with the shampoo, the Goldwell Just Smooth Conditioner instantly detangles and nourishes for smooth and touchably soft hair.

$43 CAD – Shop On Amazon

Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask

I use this is my hair about once a week – and for having bleach blond hair, I always want to make sure I’m keeping my hair as healthy as possible. This mask is on the more expensive side, but with not having to use it so frequently, it lasts forever. Comb 1-2 pumps through clean, wet hair, let sit for 15 and wash off! This product penetrates deep into the hair to nourish and reconstruct from the inside and provides long-lasting moisture and protection from recurring dryness.

$68 CAD – Shop On Amazon


Goldwell Elixer

When I get out of the shower, towel dry my hair, rub 1-2 pumps of the Elixer in my hands and apply it to the ends. Goldwell Elixir is immediately absorbed into the hair and leaves a pleasantly light hair feeling along with an intensive shine, taming of the hair, mild protection from brushing and blowdrying.  This product can also be applied to dry hair (I’ll only use this lightly for a quick refresh) but when used, you’ll get an instant silky-soft smooth, insane shine and improved colour brilliance.

This product lasts forever and is a definite must-add to your collection.

$36 CAD – Shop On Amazon


KMS Quick Blow Dry Spray

Speed up your blow-dry time by 50%. I REPEAT, 50%!!!! This is the holy grail of my collection – I’m totally OBSESSED with this product. Not only does it speed up my routine, but it reduces friction while blow-drying and adds extra conditioning to my hair. Plus, it smells GREAT.

$28 CAD – Shop On Amazon


Goldwell Stylesign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum

Protect your hair from heat and styling tools. I spray this onto my dry hair for extra protection before getting to any styling. A step not to be missed!

$26 CAD – Shop On Amazon


ORIBE Hair Care Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Keeping fresh on the go is a must for me and this has been hands down my favourite dry shampoo to date. It extends your blowout and prevents damage. Give it a shot!

$36  CAD – Shop On Amazon


Fun Colour Bonuses. 

The Celeb Luxury Colour Wash is a shampoo that adds fun, temporary colours to your hair. This is my go-to for a fun, light pink tint but it’s available in a ton of shades!

$31 CAD – Shop On Amazon




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