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This blog is sponsored by Olay Canada I was about a few months ago years old before I started realizing that I was aging. Before you jump at me, let me start by saying that I didn’t see it in a bad way. I just started noticing differences in my body, ones that weren’t really […]

When I think of quick weekend escapes and local staycations, I usually end up in Tofino or Whistler. Since moving to BC, it has never been very common for me to pack up and drive down Highway to explore more of the Fraser Valley. That recently changed for me. You know how much I enjoy […]

My holiday gift guide for the jetsetter.

My holiday gift guide for coffee lovers.

Essential oils aren’t just for breathing in smelly goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I only diffuse blends that smell good to me- but there are numerous other health benefits that come with diffusing essential oils. I have multiple diffusers in my house and one in my car. From mood boosters, to improving sleep and overall wellness – these oils play an integral part of my day.

Let’s review some of the top benefits from plugging in a diffusing a natural blend and the hardware to go along with it!

Filling you in on some of my favourite footwear finds of fall 2019. Links to shop are included.

I grew up in Toronto. My dream of being able to learn how to surf dated back to “Blue Crush” and “Soul Surfer” – but the closest thing I had to it near home was braving the Great Lakes during winter in the middle of a windstorm. No thanks. Besides, the California coastline and beaches of Hawaii seemed much more appealing at the time.

Jess slid into my DMs last month. It had been what felt like an eternity since we had last connected and she had some news:

She and her partner Matthew had just eloped in Portugal and were coming home to have a small ceremony with family upon their return. I was honoured to be asked to attend to capture some magical moments.

Do everything, one thing or nothing at all. This is your trip – and anything you do sets you up for the perfect escape.

That’s what I love about Tofino. You can set out to have a weekend to shut off and unwind, pack it with adventure or have a bit of both in the mix. There is literally no wrong answer.

How good are you at keeping the integrity of your hair? Each and every day, we give our hair a serious beating. We cover it in product, we colour/bleach it, tie it up too tight, use heating tools and walk around in city pollution. The kicker? When our hair becomes damaged, we jump to adding more bandaid products that end up causing more damage. Instead of trying anything and everything under the sun – I got my hairdresser to set up with a few products that were guaranteed to work.